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Coming from a wine grower’s family in Pomerol, Bordeaux and the niece of the famous flying winemaker Michel Rolland, Virginie Rolland from a young age inherited the passion for wine and the journey. Virginie gained experience and knowledge through her travels & work. After following the winemaking process in Napa Valley and Argentina, in addition to the wineries in France, Virginie cultivated a passion for the American market by working for several years as a wine buyer for a company in San Francisco. Virginie is now established in New York City where she has been successfully developing her wine importing company for the last 8 years.

The American Market is very dynamic in that it shows a very strong interest in wines from both the Old World and New World, making it one of the largest wine enthusiast markets in the world. The opportunity in the American Market, after years of experience and sharpening of my expertise, is why I started to develop V. Rolland Consulting. I ultimately want to help wineries in developing and focusing their strategies to exceed their goals in the ever developing American Market.

Virginie Rolland

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